Violent Crime in Five Points Worsening

The Columbia Police Department is thrilled to announce that the overall crime rate in violent crime has been steadily decreasing. They’re less happy regarding the Five Points district were the number of instances involving violent crime has increased 22 percent during the past year.


The information comes on the heels of one of the most violent attacks Five Points has ever experienced. Not only were there reports of gunshots, but the police were required to deal with two separate mob fights. Someone who watched one of the fights pulled out their cell phone and recorded footage of a white male being attacked by multiple black men.

21-year-old Stanley McBride has been arrested for his involvement in the episode. Local authorities believe that two other men involved in the incident are Benedict College students and are currently seeking information that will lead to their arrest.

22047907_BG1“We have to act,” Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott explained in a press conference following the violent weekend, “We have to change the mindset that you can come to Five Points and victimize people.”

Police believe that they can link the increase in violent activity in the Five Points district to an incident that took place approximately 15 months earlier. During that episode, 18-year-old Carter Strange was brutally attacked when he attempted to jog through Five Points. It was an incident that prompted the local police to create a curfew that banned anyone under the age of 17 from being caught outside in Five Points. Police also became more diligent about enforcing the rule that local bars had to close at 2 a.m.

In an attempt to make things safer for everyone, police have plans in place for heightened security and control whenever USC hosts a home football games which tend to be excuses for people in Five Points to grow even rowdier than normal.

Police Chief Randy Scott predicts that involve long tie foe, Georgia will be particularly intense. “When we win that game, this place will erupt. This will be a busy place. We’re already planning… to be able to handle that situation.”

Scott wants to assure the public that he’s serious about making Five Points a safe place. If he has to, he says he’ll close down some streets on game day, become even stricter about curfews, and start using police dogs in order to help turn Five Points into a peaceful place.


“I’m thrilled that the police force in Columbia has decided to be so pro-active with regards to all the violence in Five Points. I hope their actions not only save lives, but also eventually turns the district into a peaceful one,” said Attorney Joseph Sandefur of South Carolina’s top personal injury firm. “If anyone has been injured as a result of the gang violence in Five Points, I urge you to connect with a personal injury attorney right away and discuss the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit against the attacker.”

Please contact Joe and Martin if you need to arrange for a consultation with a highly skilled personal injury attorney.


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Royal Caribbean Returns Sick Passengers to Myrtle Beach

When people embark on a four nigh cruise on one of Royal Caribbean cruise ships, The Majesty of the Seas, they expect to have a good time. They don’t anticipate being violently ill when they return, yet that’s just what happened to 66 of the 2,500 people who recently took one of the cruise line’s famous Caribbean journeys.



Guests weren’t the only ones who were ill when the ship docked in Myrtle Beach. 2 of the crew members apparently had the same illness, which included severe vomiting and diarrhea.

The most likely culprit of the illness is the norovirus.

According to literature released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta describes norovirus Norovirus is a very aggressive bug that quickly moves from one person to the next, generally in food or water that’s contaminated. A cruise ship would be the ideal setting for the norovirus to do a great deal of damage. According to the CDC, nearly 20 million people become sick from the norovirus in the United States each year. The CDC also says that of the 20 million who catch the norovirus, anywhere from 570 to 800 will die as a direct result of the disease.

RCCL NorovirusWhen the ship docked in Myrtle Beach, cruise line officials stated that everyone who received over the counter medication to treat their symptoms while on board responded well to them. They also assured the public that the ship would undergo and intense cleaning and sanitization process before it next set sail.

Following the voyage, Royal Cruise sent letters to passengers of that particular trip letting the know that if they’d been sick for three of the four days the ship was sailing in the Caribbean they’re entitled to another trip at no additional cost.

This is just another problem in what seems to have become a long string of problems various cruise ship lines have to deal with. There have been accidents, ships that broke down, and a fire.

“I’m very glad that everyone who was on board the ship made it back to Myrtle Beach and is expected to make a full recovery,” Joe and Martin, a lawyers who specializes in personal injury, said when he heard about the incident. “I urge anyone who was on that ship and needed to go to the hospital for treatment to seek out legal counsel who will than help them take the steps needed to convince Royal Caribbean to pay for the medical expenses connected to the illness they contacted on board the vessel.”

If Royal Caribbean will paid medical expenses that will increase control during transport and therefore will be less likely to happen this kind of case. It is therefore important that all infected passengers together fight for their rights.

The outbreak serves as a reminder that when it comes to illness, it’s up to you to take the property precautions, especially if you’re in a large group that’s occupying a small space such as a cruise ship.

norovirus-faqThe first thing you need to do is pay attention to what you’re eating. It’s suspected that the virus was spread through contaminated food. While you can’t do much about the food served on the ship, you can make sure you don’t share a glass or utensils with anyone else.

When others start getting sick around you, make sure you’re diligent about washing your hands and start eating foods that boost your immune system. Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer with you wherever you go and making liberal use of is also a good idea.




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Woman Awarded $198,000 After Receiving an Unnecessary Mastectomy

Finding out that you have breast cancer is terrible and finding out that you need to have a mastectomy can be even more devastating.  But, what if you later found out that the diagnosis you were given was wrong.  This is what happened to one woman who was diagnosed incorrectly.  She was told that she had breast cancer and then she had both of her breasts removed.  After the fact she found out that she did not have to have this done.  That is why she was awarded $198,000 in a settlement approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.
595348493Ana Jimenez-Salgado was diagnosed with breast cancer by two different pathologists who were working outside of the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.  This is where she ended up having her breasts removed.  The pathologists that had obtained the cells from here in 2007 said that they were cancerous.  But, when the pathologists examined the tissue that was obtained during the reconstructive surgery it was determined that she did not have breast cancer at all.  It was found that she had “a benign condition with features that are very similar to cancerous cells.”


This is what the county documents stated.  This lady became a victim of negligence and it certainly caused her unnecessary stress and medical procedures as well.  It seems only reasonable that a lawsuit be filed in order to ensure that things like this do not happen again.

karkinos-tou-mastou-20150508Ms. Jimenez-Salgado then filed a lawsuit for medical malpractice.  She alleged that the hospital was negligent because they were relying on outside pathologists.  On top of all of this, she claimed that the reconstructive surgery she had was performed negligently as well.  The county was able to admit that they had not reviewed the specimens from the biopsy and this resulted in her having her breasts removed.  The hospital then agreed to pay the medical bills that were not paid for by Medi-Cal.  This amount actually equaled   $24,756 and that seems like a small amount to pay for these mistakes.


yahya-pic1(2846)It is hard to image what she was feeling and what her feeling was going through.  I can only image what it must be like to believe that you have cancer and prepare for such an intense medical procedure.  It is a shame that negligence was the reason for all of this.  That is what I want to help individuals deal with.  I know the law and I am able to help you determine what is appropriate when it comes to compensation.”  There is no reason to go through an experience like this.  There are a number of professionals out there that specialize in cases just like this.  All you have to do is reach out to them so that they can guide and direct you.



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Rules You Need To Know About Before You Visit The USA

Rules You Need To Know About Before You Visit The USA

The USA is one of the most visited countries today, more than million tourists a day enter this country seeking their own American dream. If you are planning to visit the USA, and spend a few weeks being a part of it, you need to know few things about its law and regulations; this will save you some time for sightseeing and enjoyment.


Each visitor is inspected by Custom and Border Protection officers on their way into the state; this procedure can last for hours, which is why being prepared is important, it will save you time, and it will save other people’s time too.


When it comes to the money, USA has very strict rules, if you are carrying more than 10,000$, you have to report it to the CBP officers.

The same goes for any currency, USA’s dollar or any foreign one, money doesn’t only mean bank notes, it includes coins, checks, and any other monetary instruments. You can take your money with you when you come and go, or send it by mail.


Bringing food into the county is regulated by law, for two reasons. The first one is community health, fear from brining different diseases was the main reason America, a country of different nationalities limited food import. The second one is preserving the environment, animals, and plants.

Each visitor has the obligation to declare every food product, and you can be fined up to 10.000$ if you don’t, which is surely something you would want to pass. However, there are suitable food products such as sauces,oils, cookies, chocolate, cheese, canned goods, dried fruit and so on. Cheese as liquid mass can be inadmissible if they come from food and mouth disease-affected countries.


Alcohol cannot be sent to the USA through the mail, and you can send it by courier or carry it with you. However, you will be obliged to pay some taxes that also includes cigarettes and tobaccos.

There is no limit when it comes to the quantity of alcohol you want to carry with you for personal use, but too much alcohol might be a sign for Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to get involved.


Traveling with pets can be a little complicated if your pet isn’t lighter than 100 lbs, if he is, you will be able to carry it on the same plane as you, probably in the cabin. If he is heavier than 100 lbs, you might be charged accordingly, or you can send him as cargo on another flight where you have to pay cargo taxes which are a little more expensive.


Needles, oxygen tanks, and other medical equipment can be brought into the country with you, but it is strictly regulated it cannot be bigger than 90 days supplies. If you are carrying your medication,you would be wise to bring prescription or a letter from your doctor.Now that you know so much about their border-crossing policy, you will probably save a lot of time for yourself, and for traveling around this beautiful country.

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